This is such a great day and I really need to start this page with my Thank You’s! There is a group of incredible people who helped make this musical journey magical and real!! I think for today, I am going to copy the Thank You portion of the actual cd, so everyone gets to see that. So here it is:


This project has been 30 years in the making so Thank You to everyone who has encouraged me all these years!!!

Thanks to Robin, Jesse and Jeremy for the studio. engineering and mixing.

To Phyllis K for all the listening. To Carrie M and Larry G, for Sanskrit alerts.To my nephew, Chris, a truly great soul and wonderful musician-recording artist, who walked me through this process and helped me tremendously with his insight and knowledge!!

To Girish ji for the truly kind words of support during the sessions.

To Juan and Kimberly for awesome photos, and graphics and styling!

To Donna for being there for that first song!

To my fellow Ghandarvans, especially: Steve and his divine bansuri flute, and Jen, who’s synth/piano/harmonium/accordion overshadowed even the finest chocolate truffles!.

To my celestial family:

Daniel, for writing with me and playing gorgeous cello forever!  Ali, our nightingale, for her sweet voice and harmonious ways.  Diane, for taking care of us and being the driving force behind the scenes.  And Mac, the Incredible Sculptor of Songs, who dances with the devas as his fingers fly over his guitars. To Barry, my P and P, for being with me and watching over all of us. To my teacher, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who started me on this journey and taught me the brilliant power of singing the universal language of Divine Truth! All love and happiness to our world family. Jai Guru Dev.