Coming together
November 15, 2009

I’m still trying to put all the pieces of this puzzle together! I now have the cd with CdBaby and every site they are connected to. I also have a site in London that I am going to join to hopefully get some exposure overseas. It’s a hard road to be an artist and a promotion expert! Anyone out there with good connections or marketing ideas…now would be the time to jump right in!!
I am having fun though watching how all of this unfolds!! Til next time…sweet dreams.

If you go to the Listen page and see only 2 songs and a lot of yellowish/gold it’s not a mistake!!! Well actually it is, but it is mine! Somehow when I was fixing the lyrics of all the songs I managed to disconnect something from something….so the great Jay I spoke about yesterday will have to come to the rescue tomorrow. The funny thing is I can still find all the songs but you can’t see them! Hah! Well just enjoy the videos for now!
I have a new one coming tomorrow and then I think I may just sit back and take a breath! My husband says I would just give everything away if I could – probably not the best idea!! So I am gently encouraging you to buy the cd – And to keep on watching and enjoying the videos…And to tell your friends if you are enjoying all this!
Then I can continue on this fantastic dharmic trip!!
Great full moon to all…sorry about the so not a good techie!! but I am trying and having fun along the way!