Tonight I am supposed to be working on a project and all I can do is think of our old friends, Charlie and Nancy. Charlie, very unexpectedly, left the planet last night with his wife and best bud, Nancy, I am told, right by his side.

Charlie was a lighthouse – an over-the-top beam of light. His presence was full, and fun and strong. His zest for life, sports, especially baseball, and friends was amazingly balanced with his devotion to his meditation program and choosing to walk this life on the path to enlightenment.

I first met Charlie and Nancy in D.C. in 1983 soon after Ali was born. Daniel and Charlie were buddies and worked together and Nancy, from day one was a Long Island girl soul-sister.

Ah, Nancy..a most amazing soul, truly an angel on earth, so deep and lovely and ever-presently connected to God. We had great times…always loving, sweet times. Nancy and I talked a lot about the spiritual and God’s presence on earth. Years later, we both came to live in Fairfield, so it continues…

Tonight, my arms reach out and around Nancy . She has always been so loving, so giving, so up-lifting and divine, like a delicate flower, gracing us with the most beautiful glimpse into the look and scent of God’s garden on this earth. I am sure I am just one of many right now, standing beside her, just trying to surround her with even a fraction of the light and love she has given to us. But, nonetheless, we, all her friends, from all these years, from all these locations, stand strong and offer only love and support.

I remember seeing Charlie one of the last times I was in town and inviting him to come down and visit us in Jupiter, especially during Spring Training, so Barry could take him to some games and introduce him to some of his players. He was planning on trying to come . Now, instead, he is always welcome in my heart..his smile and vibrancy will forever bring a smile to my face and a lift to my spirit.

I honor him. I am ever so grateful to know him. There is no doubt, we will all find each other again and it will only be better and better.

Jai Guru Dev

January 20, 2011

Hi — Thanks to my dear and faithful friend, Phyllis, I finally have all the lyrics to the songs on this CD in one document that you can download and print! YAY!!!  Now, you can sing along any time. I am so happy to be able to give this to you. I always find when I am singing any Sanskrit phrases, it’s important I know the translation when choosing them, but once I have arrived with everything in place, I pretty much let go and just feel the meaning in the sound. I love the way that sound rolls in the space around me and feel so fortunate to sing phrases with such gorgeous depth of simple truth for all man and womankind! I look forward to hearing you singing with me in my heart! I will be able to focus on some new music soon. I am excited. Love to all!

Click here –>  Lyrics