Jay Johnson – the Great
October 31, 2009

Jay is the master behind this website. He has been so wonderful to work with and has exhibited incredible patience especially in dealing with my computer challenges!

Check out his work on his new website coming soon! I’l post it when he has it up and running!! So then, if you like what he has created here, maybe let him know!

Thank you Jay, a gazillion times!!!

Where is everything??!
October 29, 2009

By the time you read this, it means we are up and running! I still have a few things to add but I’d just like to tell you where everything is and possibly what to expect. All the lyrics are under the 1 minute song selections along with the origin of each song. The History page will be the story of how I came to this point and time. I will figure out where I’ll be putting blurbs of new songs and writings in process….this is all a giant step for me!! Any suggestions will be graciously received. I’m also thinking about a mailing list and maybe starting to play out some!! More of the unknown…but thanks for being here with me!

Now I need to once again thank the musicians and post who is playing! Mac Gayden plays mandolin, sitar and all guitars including guitar synth, secret guitar slide and dobro. For more on Mac, www.macgayden.com. Daniel Sperry is the amazing cellist! Find him at www.cellomansings.com.  Jen Gunderman plays all keys, harmonium and accordion! Tom Roady all percussion, tablas, and cajon. Steve Gorn,is  the brilliant bansuri flute player on Ya Devi, Pita Ji and Home  and he is at www.stevegorn.com. Tim Britton plays flutes on Jai Sita Ram ( listen to both versions, the 2nd is free on the site and features more of his playing!) and Tim at www.piedpiperproductions.com.  Mike Miller plays recorders on Shri Krishna. Ali Sperry sings background vocals. Her new group is www.sweetwaterrose.com. Daniel and Mac also sang some back-ups!

I wrote all the songs and had help from my dear friend Donna Lieberman Warwick on Guru Purnima Moon and Home and from Daniel on Light at the Door.

I feel happy now that I could give them all credit again. It was an amazing experience that I may write some about. Also, I’m not quite sure where yet, but I am going to write the my history and the history of all the songs!