Thank you so very much for visiting me here!
I cannot believe this day has finally come. My new CD “Light at the Door” is ready to go out into the world of music!

This project has been a long time coming.

I have literally sung my way through this life starting in the early 70’s when I switched from being a mainline folk-singer,songwriter to a more spiritual, universal form of writing and singing

When I started to sing for Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1974, I began to realize that I actually was responsible for what I sang and how everything written, sung, and expressed has a profound effect on everything around me…even the simplest song. So I began this journey and have now come to this new project. I hadn’t recorded an album since my first, “Home of Being” in late ’79. The irony here is that I recorded and refined this new cd with some of the same dear friends I started out with originally! I am so glad it is happening now and my hope is that it brings a touch more joy, peace, light and love into this world. There is no agenda from me other than the following…. We share this planet, we breathe the same air, we feel the same things, and we cherish our beliefs and practices. We have slight differences, slight curves of choices, but basically, we are the same, and coming from the same place…we are a world family! Please enjoy. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

With all love in my heart, this is my wish for us.

The Wish
Saha Nav Avatu

May goodness be your desire
May kindness be your creed
May understanding and compassion
Be the source of your speech
May happiness flow from your heart
and truth rest in your eyes
may all this world be a reminder
of the great good fortune of this life.

May you know your Self to be
universal and divine
cosmic within
a rising wave of peace, on an ocean of love

May the light of God shine upon you
May the light of God shine within
May the light of God shine around you and surround you.

May the light of God be the light of your life
and may your life be the light of peace on this earth.

Saha nav avatu, Saha nau bhunaktu
Saha viryam karavavahai
Tejasvi nav adhitam astu, Ma vidvishavahai.

Let us be together
Let us eat together
Let us be vital together
Let us be radiating truth,
radiating the light of life
never shall we denounce anyone
never entertain negativity.

Taittiriya Upanishad, Shanti Patha

Renie Praver, Pashya Music, Inc © 2009

One more thing…thank you for not copying this material. Since we are an indy label, I need to sell this cd in order to make another!!!