My whole Life
September 27, 2012

I’ve been waiting for you my whole life
feeling you were always there in the shadows
and in the light
you are what I remember seeing
as you go from space to space
in another dimension ..time or place
but still the one I know
steadfast and full of grace.

Do you hear me calling
in the midst of the chaos and the storms?
When are you coming back again
to give me strength and lift my spirits
enough to leave all this meanness behind?

We can no longer do this alone.

Am I hearing your voice then,
steadily, but oh so quietly
slipping through the darkness and the noise
and the lies that pass as truth these days?

You are all the good that I know belongs
The bestower of the best and the mighty
the face of God
the lending hand
the drop of rain that quenches every lip
the bottomless well of wisdom,
that encourages me to stay strong
on a battleground I do not remember choosing
but one I will not waver to defend

You are a magnificent gift
because I know you,
because I know of you
and feel you in every part of this world

Yet impatiently I wait to see you everywhere
to catch a glimpse of you behind me
or race ahead to catch up to you
til step by step, moving the same
I turn to look upon your face
and speak the truth that’s been buried in my heart

And it’s in that very moment that I will have nothing to say

in one glance, in one look
it is done, it is finished
and forever imprinted on my soul

Now, resting in your heart
I hear only the sweet voice of your compassion and your love
Now, resting in your heart
I hear only the sweet voice of your compassion and your love.

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